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Innovative Hydraulic Designs, Inc (I H D) specializes in engineering, design, and manufacturing of heavy-duty hydraulic and mechanical components as well as complete turnkey systems exclusively for industrial applications.


Since 1996 we have been providing state-of-the-art technology, equipment and a wide range of services to our customers worldwide including installation, commissioning, operation, training, maintenance, and repair.


We manufacture our own line of unique heavy-duty low-speed high-torque (LSHT) hydraulic motors and vertical reservoir fluid power generators (hydraulic power units) as well as represent some of the world’s leading manufacturers of hydraulic and mechanical components.


Our product offering includes hydraulic pumps, motors, gear reducers (planetary, epicyclical and parallel shaft), hydraulic vibrators, telescoping cylinders, fluid power generators and multi-disc brakes.


Our customer base is worldwide and concentrated in the following industries: Bulk Material Handling, Mining, Rubber, Oil & Gas, Waste & Recovery, Pulp & Paper, Directional Drilling, Chemical, Marine & Offshore, Sugar and Dredging.


We provide our products and services on a worldwide basis through our own engineering & sales offices as well as a worldwide network of Distributors and Sales Agents.

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