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Hydrapac – Fluid Power Generators

IHD - Fluid Power Generators

IHD – Fluid Power Generators

IHD HYDRAPAC™ Fluid Power Generators are pre-engineered and specifically designed to drive either high-speed or low-speed hydraulic motors in closed circuit forming a hydrostatic transmission ideally suited for heavy-duty applications.
Engineered for continuous, twenty-four hours per day operation, HYDRAPAC™ Fluid Power Generators are built to withstand harsh, hostile environments and feature automatic torque limiting, infinitely adjustable flow and are available with controlled accel / decel allowing for soft starts.
The heart of these HYDRAPAC™ Fluid Power Generators is a Hydrokraft™ axial piston hydraulic pump driven by a flange mounted electric motor and incorporating a generously sized boost (25% of the main pump) providing increased cooling and circuit flushing, a separate pump for control pressure (if applicable), all necessary filters and a full flow hydrostatic transmission valve. Both the pump and electric motor are horizontally flange mounted to the structurally reinforced vertical reservoir assuring perfect coupling alignment and a flooded pump inlet.
Included, as standard equipment is a water-to-oil heat exchanger, pump swashplate indicator (visual), isolation mounts and a comprehensive range of instruments continuously monitoring the oil level, temperature and various pressures. All control circuits are wired to a terminal strip located in an enclosure mounted on the fluid power generator and containing stop / start buttons for the electric motor, filter clogging light(s), low oil level light, high oil temperature warning light and a low charge pressure warning light. The entire assembly is fully tested, primed and painted prior to shipping. A wide variety of accessories are also available.

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